AGM Initial Notice

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The fourth Annual General Meeting of Heriot’s Rugby Club Limited will take place on Thursday 22nd August 2019 at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse at Goldenacre. (Please note that this is a week earlier than previously advertised)

The purpose of this initial Notice is to inform the members regarding the following matters:

Memorandum and Articles and Rules
The proceedings of the Club is governed by its company Memorandum and Articles and a set of Rules which deal with various practical aspects of the Club’s operation.  Copies of both documents are available on request.

AGM Business
This is laid out in Clause 6.1 of the Rules.  The Directors will consider items for inclusion under AOCB provided they are received by 28 July 2018.  They should be notified in writing or by e-mail to the Club’s Administration Manager, Shona Whyte, by that date.

The directors below, have all indicated their intention to stand for re-election. If any other appointment is proposed, I draw your attention to the conditions in clause 32 of the Memorandum and Articles:
Not less than fourteen nor more than thirty –five clear days before the date of the meeting, the Club is given a notice that:

  • Is signed by a member entitled to vote at the meeting:
  • States the member’s intention to propose the appointment of a person as a director:
  • Contains the details that, if the person were to be appointed, the Club would have to file at Companies House; and
  • Is signed by the person who is to be proposed to show his or her willingness to be appointed.

Current Directors

  • Iain Duckworth
  • Murray Mackay
  • Colin McCallum
  • Rhona Hume
  • Louise McIntyre
  • Neil Meikle
  • Jock Millican
  • Allan Sim
  • Gavin Stevenson
  • Jon Turnbull

Any director nominations must satisfy the above conditions and must be sent in writing or by e-mail to the Club’s Administration Manager, Shona Whyte at

Yours sincerely,
Allan Sim
Company Secretary