Heriot’s Rugby Club Limited – Club Strategy

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This is a new era in the development of Heriot’s Rugby and, briefly, the blueprint for the future has been agreed as below:


‘Exciting rugby for all’

Mission Statement

‘To play a significant part in the advancement of rugby in Scotland by means of the development of players at all levels throughout the local community and schools, including George Heriot’s School, whilst promoting an attractive product on the pitch an encouraging social activity.’

Key Values


  • Not settling for second best but rather providing exceptional performance, not just on the pitch, but in everything that happens in the Club.
  • Being passionate about the Club and taking a pride in being part of its success.

Honesty and Integrity

  • Ensuring that the Club is known for its trust worthiness and receives the respect it deserves in all its dealings.


  • Providing a level playing field in all matters and ensuring a friendly atmosphere which ignores gender, cultural, racial, geographic, political and religious differences.


  • Emphasising the power of teamwork on and off the pitch.
  • Establishing partnerships for mutual benefit