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Watsonians V Heriot's

Phil’s Comments on Selection
Michael Maltman drops out which allows Jack Turley to get a starting slot. Elsewhere we are pretty settled with only Clarke Smith coming into the squad.

Phil’s Comments on the Match
The boys are looking forward to a Friday night under lights as it is something different. They are also looking forward to catching up with Stevie, post-match. It will be strange to see and most definitely hear him from the other side of the rope, however when the whistle goes I am sure all thoughts will be on getting the win.
With Watsonian’s coming into form at the same time as us, it is really setting up to be a very competitive local derby. We welcomed the opportunity to score a few try’s last weekend but know our attack with have to be considerably sharper and more accurate to get the kind of momentum we will need to exert any pressure on Watsonian’s. They have a strong set piece, that has applied pressure in all fixtures so far, and look to be settling into a group that will be competing going forward. This means all areas of our game will be tested and we can’t afford an off night in any area of our game.

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